A Tip- Short Term Fix for Your Ramp
(A Video)


Hey, friends. I want to show you something that happened.   

My van ramp broke. It'll come out by itself, but it won't go back in, and I got stuck. So for a temporary fix for that, I want to show you what I came up with.  

It wants to come out too early. Once the doors open and the ramp comes down, as you can see, I put a rope on it. When I go to get in, I get the rope out of my way so it catches on one of my wheels. Once I roll up, and I get turned around here.  

So I don't want to be stuck somewhere and if I'm by myself, I put this rope on here, and I put these loops so that I can reach out and grab a loop, and just pull the ramp up in with me. It's certainly not something I want to do for a long time, but instead of being stuck somewhere, I keep a little length of rope in the van with me, so if this happens again, I'll be able to get in my van.  


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