Spinal Cord Injuries require MORE! MORE! MORE!


Just getting out of bed for many of us becomes a task that may even require assistance from a loved one or caregiver depending on the level of your injury.  

Showering certainly becomes “more” labor intensive. It now involves a transfer to and from a shower chair and some kind of modified shower. No longer is it so easy to just hop in the shower to wash off the days sweat and grime.  

And ask any SCI survivor about the fun that comes along with bladder and/or bowel function. Bladder function now becomes a schedule you must keep or risk a pee accident. Plus catheters, UTI prevention, condom catheters, leg bags, bed bags, incontinence pads or briefs, and the possibility of new and exciting surgical procedures to aid in the peeing process.   

Ever heard of a “bowel program?” Me neither until I joined the SCI club. More fun! Look it up! Again it becomes a function that must be scheduled and the schedule MUST be maintained or you risk having a really crappy day. Literally!  

Getting dressed or changing clothes is no longer a quick activity. Usually the outfit you put on in the morning is what you take off at night when it’s time to go to bed (or shower if that is on your schedule!) And the clothes you wear are usually not the clothes you wore pre-SCI. Clothes meant for standing and walking do not necessarily fit as well or are as comfortably when sitting and rolling.   

More goes into feeding yourself, what you eat, how much you drink, shopping for food, weight control, transportation, finances, medical care, chronic issues such as pain, concern about skin break down, relationships, employment, hobbies, living arrangements, home modifications, just to name a few.  

Everything requires “more” time, “more” effort, “more” money, “more” determination, “more” forethought, “more” planning, “more” patience, “more” everything.  

But “more” does not have to be a bad thing. Life can be simpler in the right-hand lane.  If we choose to slow down and look around we often will find “more” time for things that matter, “more” close relationships, “more” beauty, “more” things that smell good, “more” rest, “more” hugs, “more” “more” “more”.....  

With all this said..... it seems to me there are two kinds of SCI club members.... those that are waiting for everything to be “more” easy, “more” simple, or “more” better..... and those that realize they need to find a way to be “more” happy right now. Otherwise one day you find you have no “more” time.  

Thinking about how much “more” it takes to live life this way could be a downer until I think about the alternative I avoided. You see I survived an airplane accident and usually you come away from those being either “more” alive or  “more” dead!  

I choose "more" happiness in my daily routines. 


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