Yoga has always been a part of my life. I have found an even bigger need for it post injury. I cleared out a specific place in my workout room that could be a place for yoga, meditation and just really a place I could go after a long work day to rewind.

Yoga is so good for mind, body and soul. Meditation allows me to free my mind of any negative or stressful vibes I have had throughout the day.

I also like to incorporate essential oils and soft music into my yoga space. My kids even like to join in and stretch with me. Here are some helpful tips when setting up a yoga space:

  • Find a space that is away from noisy areas
  • Select a soft surface to sit on
  • Make sure you are stretching properly 
  • When using essential oils - make sure you test them on a small area of skin first 
  • Get your kids involved when you can


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