No Place I’d Rather Be
(A Wife’s Perspective)

There are days as a caregiver that I feel completely inadequate for the job, and then there are others where I find that not only am I adequate, I am more qualified than most medical personnel. Today was one of those days.

Over the past week, Mike has experienced some digestive "issues". We have tried every home remedy that has always worked in the past. This time, it didn't work and so here we are, admitted to the hospital and waiting on "specialists". Oh, did I forget to also say, Mike was also healing from two broken legs.

During the stay, nurses, doctors, PAs, X-ray techs, and a few others asked me how to accomplish tasks with Mike that are second nature to me. Surprise, I do know things and I am adequate and I have no doubt that when more questions come up, I can answer them. So for all of you caregivers out there who sometimes have the same feelings I do, just remember that you are more prepared to take care of your family member than anyone else.

On the flip side, we should answer the questions the professionals ask. Why? If we allow medical professionals to learn from us, when someone comes in without a caregiver, the staff will now be equipped with the knowledge and hands on experience to help that person.

As caregivers, we are also teachers and we must make sure that those who are eager to learn; find us willing to enable and empower them. It allows us a moment to step back, take a breath, and take care of ourselves. If you don't take that opportunity, you may find yourself in a position where you can no longer be a caregiver.

So, tonight as I leave this room, I know I have prepared the staff for how to take care of two broken legs. I trust they will do as our orthopedic doctor showed me, and I will take a few hours to rest as best I can because tomorrow is a new day with new adventures. There's no one I'd rather be on this adventure called life with than Mike.
So we press on, living life to the fullest; educating, laughing, and loving every minute...

Until tomorrow,


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