Love and Support, For Better or Worse

When I think of the kind of love I want, I think of agape love. Agape love is selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional. This is exactly the kind of love my husband shows me daily. He is faithful, delightful, and willingly ready to love me on every level. 

This was especially true after the last surgery I had. I have had many surgeries and Shane has been by my side for each of them. This last, one I felt, was a tougher one to recover from. Just like all other times, my husband has been there for me. He never needs a "pass" to skip out on me when I need a helping hand. He is always there with love and support. 

I'm so thankful at the young age of 16 and 17 years old, Shane and I found each other. We were just two teenagers smitten with each other. Little did we know God would be using us for a great purpose many years later.

I'm blessed that even with what we have faced, we faced it together head on. Blessed that even right after Valentine’s Day in 2011 as we celebrated love, we turned right around and celebrated life on February 25, 2011. We are still celebrating today.

Happy Valentine’s Day Shane! I love you.


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