Make a Stand

“Today I am going to be showing you how to transfer from a power chair into a stander/glider. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the stander is locked. It has locks on the back wheels. You make sure that is locked down. And make sure that you push up the knee pads so you don’t hit them when you’re transferring across. They just flip up.

The first thing I do is I take my right foot, go ahead and slide it over and move my left foot over a little bit with it. Then I am going to slide more towards the glider. Make sure your knees do not hit this – there is like a sharp piece that comes out below it. So you want to be really careful. And make sure you always have shoes on when you're getting on the glider.

I’m just going to get my legs over – and once I get my legs over, I am going to hold on to this top piece and hold on to this back bar. I am going to pick myself up and over.

Make sure your feet are lined up in the bottom. You’ve got a bar on each side that’s going to let down. There is a buckle to hold you in. Once you get that buckled – strap it in kind of tight because you are going to be reaching all the way up. And this bar on the side is what lifts it.

Oh, wait – get the knee braces down. I knew there was something that felt different. Strap your knees in. I wouldn’t be going anywhere like that. These are adjustable too so you can make them however tight, or loose, you need them.

Once you do, you are going to use the lever to pump yourself up – you want to get it so your stomach is touching the front piece. Just to make sure you are all the way up so when you start you using the glider, you are up tall. And to use the glider, you just move the arms back and forth.

To transfer out, you do the same thing. You’re just going to mash this bar so that it goes all the way down. You’ll flip the knee pads up, you’ll transfer your feet one at a time over. And then hop over. That’s it. “


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