The Long Road to Recovery

It is no secret that my road to recovery has not been an easy one. I don’t know anyone with a spinal cord injury that has had an easy recovery. Following a horrific car accident in 2011, recovery seemed to be based on one thing only, walking again. It finally took not focusing on walking and instead, starting to live life.

Right after my accident, recovery consisted of baby steps. The smallest things, things I had always taken for granted, became huge milestones. For example: eating for the first time, coming off the vent, sitting-up unassisted for five minutes; these all became huge milestones. Once the baby steps were achieved, I wanted to jump straight to the big stuff; walking! It seemed to consume me, despite having a then two and five year old. I had to do a major reality check and realize that even though I was able to walk on leg braces; my legs were dead as a doorknob. It was time to regroup and refocus.

Once I stopped focusing on therapy and walking and started focusing on my family and teaching, my perspective changed. Maybe recovery didn’t mean walking, but just learning how to live life to the fullest from a wheelchair.

Today that is what I am doing.

Today my focus is fixed.

Today I am recovered.


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