Rolling in the Snow

Wheelchair life and natural obstacles, such as snow, are usually not two things that mix very well, but with today's advancements in technology and equipment, such as an Action Trackchair®, accessing the outdoors even deep in the woods is becoming much easier.

Before everyone jumps to cost, I'm well aware that not everyone can afford their own tank, (I'm right along with you), but there are grants and fundraising that can help offset the costs. Mine was donated. The freedom to join my wife Michal and our dog Cooper trekking our property after a snow storm is priceless.

Part of my non-profit ROARs mission statement is to reintroduce outdoor activities to those with physical disabilities. Today we were reintroduced to a little adventure we from the south rarely get to partake in, the joy of "rolling" in the snow.

Thank you Michal for braving this "blizzard" with me in the name of wheelchair exploration.

Go out and have some fun – even in the snow!


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