The Advantages of Being in a Wheelchair

Recently I had the honor of escorting three ladies to a concert at The Fox Theater in Atlanta. We called ahead to survey the accessible-seating situation. They offered two options. The first only accommodated two people so we went for option two that was on the first floor midway down on the side of the room. When we arrived, we were disappointed to find the seats to be the regular old seats in an old historic theater. There was no transferring into the seats over the tall wooden armrests for this heavily low centered para!

I decided to stay in my wheelchair in the aisle. Unfortunately, as the concert started, the whole first floor stood up and there I was once again - looking at the back pockets of the folks in the rows in front of us. I did my best to maneuver so I could see in between bodies as the show rocked on. Then the magic happened! An usher approached and asked me if I could see. Of course, I told him I could only see a little and he asked if I would like to move to a better seat. Well, since it is rare when I get the opportunity to have a date with three attractive women at the same time, I told him I would only move if I could take my three dates with me! He said, "Hold on a minute." He came back a minute later and motioned us to follow him. Sure enough he had three empty seats at the end of the front row and a cleared space for me to sit with them. On the FRONT ROW! Yep, it does have its advantages at times and, yes, we ROCKED the rest of the show from the front row!


Here are a few other times I recall my wheelchair paying great dividends:

● People ALWAYS get out of my way.

● You don’t have to iron the back of your pants.

● You move faster than the average pedestrian (that is when it’s downhill).

● No waiting in lines at theme parks.


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