Miami Beach Boardwalk

The Boardwalk along the coastline at Miami Beach is not only beautiful, but also fairly accessible. It spans four miles along the waterfront separated by sand, fencing and dunes. It is made of wooden boardwalk, composite decking and stone pavers. Unlike most ramps, or wooden piers, the major body of the boardwalk was laid with decking boards running length-wise instead of sideways, allowing for a much smoother ride.

There are public access points along either end of the boardwalk. The major point of travel comes from the various hotels along the traffic corridor that have secured gates controlling access into hotel courtyards. There are covered gazebos scattered throughout the length of boardwalk and they are a wonderful sanctuary for those like myself with climate regulating issues. It also boasts colorful lifeguard stations, beach umbrella stands and steps leading to the shoreline.

It is important to note that the sand along the beach is not hard packed, so unless you have a track or beach chair, getting on to the beach itself will still be an issue. That being said, to the credit of the City of Miami, free manual and motorized beach wheelchairs are offered at no charge at Ocean Drive and South Pointe Park on a first come, first serve basis. They have Mobi-mats® (roll out mats) leading to the waterfront at these two locations. The views along either beach are spectacular, with palm tree covered pathways, aqua blue waters and white sand shores. If your desire is to soak up the sun riding the boardwalk, or get out for a "toe in the sand" adventure, Miami has you covered!

For more information on the free services Miami offers call (305) 673-7714. They are super nice and informative.


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