12 Tips for Long Road Trips

Going on road trips is one of my favorite parts of summer. I enjoy these trips because my family talks and laughs (screams, cries, and gets on each other’s nerves) more than our average days. It's a time for memories.

As we begin to take our summer family trips, here are my 12 essentials tips for long road trips.

1. License and registration. Obvious, but very important.

2. Your car’s manual. You’ll be glad to have it if something goes wrong.

3. Spare tire. Make sure to check periodically that they are in good shape.

4. Paper maps. In a day where we depend on technology, cell phones, and the GPS, we often forget that there isn’t cell service everywhere.

5. First-aid kit. In case of emergency. Include bottles of water and nonperishable snacks, just in case you get stranded for a while.

6. iPhone charger/USB cord. Arguably an essential item.

7. Baby wipes. These are helpful when you are in a wheelchair (like me). Washing my hands with baby wipes (and hand sanitizer) beats getting out at a public restroom any day!

8. Roadside emergency kit. Make sure it includes a flashlight with fresh batteries, travel insurance card, tire gauge and battery cables.

9. Extra medical supplies. For me, this includes making sure all my prescriptions are filled and I have all my urology supplies (plus extras). Trust me. It is difficult if you find yourself in area you are not familiar with and your medical supplies run out!

10. Tools for a wheelchair malfunction. Regular maintenance on your wheelchair may prevent a ‘breakdown’. Allen Keys and small wrenches can come in handy.

11. Rain-repellent windshield coatings. Don't get stuck wishing you had coated your windshield. Keep it handy to refresh if a rainstorm is on the horizon.

12. Consider your comfort. Don't forget to do regular weight shifts to prevent those pesky skin breakdowns. My favorite personal tip is to try to elevate my legs. I have experienced less swelling in my extremities when I am able to elevate my legs.

Enjoy your summer adventures. May your destination prove to be an escape from the ordinary. I hope you find freedom and new opportunities – wherever your GPS or paper maps lead you. Travel safely and well. Pictures are from our summer trip to Jeep Beach. It was a blast!


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