Embracing a New Walk

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Jacksonville, Florida to walk on an exoskeleton.  It still feels so surreal that this actually happened.  I’m use to walking on my leg braces, where I pretty much have to drag my entire body through each agonizing step.  


The exoskeleton was amazing.  I was really nervous but excited at the same time.  My husband, children, and parents got to watch.  When the machine first stood me up, I was in awe that it was really happening.  Soon I was taking steps.  I felt like Robo Cop.  It was priceless to see my family with joy and hope in their eyes.  

I can recall back to 2011, the year of my car accident.  My mom and I were in the therapy room.  I could barely sit on the edge of the mat unassisted.  A news crew was there videoing someone walking on an exoskeleton.  

My mom said to me “Wow, what if one day that is you?”  Almost six years later and wow, that was just me.  We are still holding on in the hopes of owning my own one day.  

This truly was a once in a lifetime experience.  I’m so thankful I had this opportunity.


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