Support after a Spinal Cord Injury

My biggest blessing, both before and after my injury, is the amount of support I have. One of our favorite past times was gathering at our river house. It has two levels of stairs so needless to say it was no longer accessible for me.

My dad and my husband, Shane, built me a ramp and elevator so that when we have cookouts, I can go where they go.

Shane and my dad used my old lift to build a new pool lift. While it was under construction, my friends just pitched in and threw me in the pool.

No matter what I need, there is always a helping hand to make it happen. My kids are great about swapping my chairs out if need be, helping with groceries or picking up things out of reach.

Shane and Dad have discovered they can build just about anything I need. I think they may be able to build me some legs before too long – lol.

Honestly, my community, friends and family have been just amazing throughout this entire journey. I am so grateful and blessed.


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