Two Shoppers are Better Than One

I love to shop! Let me rephrase that. I love to shop for anything but groceries. It’s not an easy task to do from a wheelchair, especially, when you are buying for a family of four. In our family, we divide and conquer. My husband, Shane, does the majority of the shopping for the big items we need. The kids and I will go and get smaller items. It is nice when we find a grocery store that has a small cart that my daughter Rylie Brooke can push. She loves to help. Most of the time, her basket is filled with candy and junk by the time we reach the register!

When Dylan shops its food overload. The kids are old enough now that they can reach items off the top shelf for me.

If they are not with me, there is always a friendly person willing to help. It is much easier if I have tons of groceries to buy and I am alone, to use my power chair. It just makes shopping for groceries a lot quicker. It is important when you are shopping and using a basket to watch your legs. The basket sits on my lap, and sometimes I’m not aware of how long the basket has been there, or how heavy the items are in it. I have had some pretty bad bruises due to heavy baskets on my lap. Safety still applies, even when shopping. Some places in bigger cities offer services where you can order online and they bring everything to your car, so that is worth checking into as well. Happy shopping!


Editor's Note: Maria was awarded the 2013 Teacher of the Year Award for the School District she teaches in.

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