Mountain Getaway

This past February, my husband and I decided we would go visit Helen, Georgia in the mountains. I had been many times as a child but couldn’t really remember if it was accessible or not. We researched it - like we do every trip we take. We chose a cabin with an open floor plan so that there would be plenty of room to maneuver.

If you have a power chair, one of the many waterfalls is also accessible. It was paved all the way up. I took my power chair for this trip because it just makes life easier. Going down the waterfall trail, Shane was trying to hold onto the back of my chair to keep it from tipping. I ended up running over his foot!

Helen is a quaint little German village. We found that when we were in the village, it really wasn’t that accessible. Nearly every shop and restaurant had stairs. There were a few places that did have ramps but they were hidden and you would never know they were there if you didn’t ask. Despite the accessibility issues, we still had a great time overall.


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