Epic Falls and Fails

I vividly remember being in day program at Shepherd Center and them telling me “if you are not falling then you are not taking enough risk with your chair.” Well, I’m pretty sure I have lived up to that! I fall at least once a week give or take. Fine, I will admit it. Apparently I’m a risk taker because I fall all the time! Either that, or blondes should just not be on wheels. Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is living!

This picture was taken right after I missed my ramp completely, landing in my flower bed.

In this picture, I fell in my classroom and made the best of it by staying on the rug playing with the kids.

Here is another of my epic falls. Getting up is the hardest part!


Editor's Note: Maria was awarded the 2013 Teacher of the Year Award for the School District she teaches in.

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