Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Spring has sprung and for my family that means celebrating Easter. We have one tradition that I especially enjoy. We attend church dressed in matching colors. The bright bold colors we wear are a reflection of the season (spring is one of my favorites).

We have a really big family with really big celebrations. My kids love to decorate eggs. But, they do not enjoy eating them. I discovered these ceramic eggs that you can find at your local Wal-Mart. They look and feel just like real eggs. Except, they don’t break! I also use them in my classroom. The kids are able to paint them, use crayons, markers or stickers to decorate them. It makes it so much easier than having to deal with a huge pot of boiling hot water and food coloring.


We always have a big Easter lunch together and egg hunt. Somehow my children always end up coming home with a new pet. One year it was a bunny, the next year a baby chic. Most importantly, we just enjoy being together and celebrating the resurrection. Happy egg hunting!


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