A Little Help from My Friends

It is impossible to make it through this life without friends. After my accident in 2011, some of the dynamics of my friendships have changed. Some grew stronger while others diminished. I probably have more able-bodied friends than disabled. I draw much strength from my close inner circle of disabled friends. I have especially found this to be true with my Bard family.

We are able to talk about anything; I mean anything! I have called Leslie at midnight crying, and Karen for a pick me up.

Every person in the Bard family makes me stronger for knowing them. I am so grateful to have all the wonderful friends in my life that make the rough days not so bad.

It is important, when you have a disability, to find a close group of people going through the same things you are going through; things no one else can understand.

I’m thankful God placed those people in my path for direction.


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