Family Fun in Seattle

Last week my two youngest daughters and I went on an overnight trip to Seattle. We live on the east side of Washington so Seattle is about a five hour drive away. Unfortunately my wife and oldest daughter were unable to make the trip with us. They were finishing the final preparation details for the Miss Teen Rodeo Washington pageant that my daughter Bailey was competing in the following week. I will feature that in an upcoming story! On our drive, we made several stops along the way, one being on top of Snoqualmie Pass. Vitoria, my exchange student daughter from Brazil, is a huge fan of the movie Twilight, which was filmed in Washington. The tall evergreen trees and dense forest reminded her of the movie, so we had to stop and take photos. Fortunately, there are many places along the way that I could pull off and get photos from the driver’s seat, so we didn’t have to put my chair together. It is nice, when traveling with others, that I can leave my chair in the hatchback portion of the car and they can grab it for me when needed.

Our next adventure took us to the Seattle waterfront. It is a must, for anyone visiting Seattle, to head down to Pier 54 and visit the original Iver's Seafood restaurant. The food is fantastic and of course you must feed the seagulls french fries! It is a bit challenging finding disabled parking downtown, but the concrete sidewalks are much easier to navigate then the dirt paths I am use to, so pushing a few blocks isn’t too difficult.

After making friends with every seagull in Puget Sound, we headed to the Seattle Aquarium. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Seattle is abundant with sea life and it’s great to be able to see them up close. The indoor cement walkways are easy to roll on, and although we had beautiful weather on our trip this time, it is nice to be inside if the famous Seattle rain hits. Payton and Vitoria loved being able to touch the sea creatures in the touch pool. We were all amazed at the different textures of each creature. Watching the animals in their habitats reminded me of how much I enjoy swimming, and the freedom it gives me. It’s wonderful to see what’s “under the sea” up close and personal. After a quick trip through the gift store, we were off to find our hotel for the evening.

One of the great things about staying at a centrally located hotel is food delivery! Where we live, there is no place close that delivers. The girls are always so excited to order pizza and have it delivered to our door at a hotel. I try to stay at a hotel with an indoor pool when traveling with my family because they also love to swim.

One thing to always keep in mind when making a five hour road trip is to sit on your cushion for pressure relief, and take a vehicle that will allow you to have the most comfortable ride possible. I usually drive the family SUV when traveling long distance because of the luxury suspension. This is a large factor in preventing fatigue and soreness when making a trip such as this. All that is left is to have a great time!


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