Intimacy - My Thoughts - An Interview

Can you share some advice for guys about intimacy and relationships in the bedroom? How can they be confident in those situations? 

Sure.  I think when you become disabled, there are a lot of changes in your body and erectile dysfunction might be one of them – for some.  There is a lot of new technology out there – a lot of new medicines out there – that definitely will help with that.  You shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed to have to use those.  It’s completely normal and natural to use them.  And it makes things easier and better.  Often times we are asked about that type of medicine and that type of equipment, so to speak, and again – it’s that same adage – just try it.  It might work for you and it might not.  If it doesn’t work for you, try the next one.  Move forward.  Or revisit the old option and try again.  Just be yourself and know that it can happen and you can always find somebody – if that’s important in your life.  There will be somebody who is supportive of you and you will be supportive of them.


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