Christmas is the Best Time of the Year
Christmas is probably my favorite time of year. Not because of gifts and decorating, but because of being able to be with my entire family. There are traditions that I still carry on with my kids from my childhood. We always read the Christmas story on Christmas morning before the first gift is even opened.

On Christmas Eve, we all get to open one gift. The gift is always Christmas pajamas for all of us. The kids also get a basket with hot chocolate, popcorn and a Christmas movie. We make reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn. The kids and I bake cookies for Santa the night before. I think one of the biggest challenges since my accident was deciding that I was going to be the one to continue to decorate the Christmas tree. I love decorating and I love the fact that I can still do it.

Here are a few tips I would suggest that make decorating a little easier from a wheelchair.
  • Use 3M hooks (that stick easy to any surface and remove without residue) instead of nails. This makes hanging decorations like wreaths and stockings much easier for those with limited hand dexterity.
  • Shop online as much as possible. Now don’t misunderstand, I love to shop! But a great way to reduce stress and save time is to shop online. If you want to support local businesses too, then shop online for “big box” items and locally for unique and specialty items. No need to worry about finding a handicap parking space when you shop online.
  • Use double sided tape for wrapping your gift or buy gift bags.
  • Store your breakable ornaments in egg crates. This way you can also have someone put the egg crates on a table, within your reach, to decorate your tree. No leaning over reaching into a box on the floor. Less risk of tumbling from your wheelchair.

Most of all I love just being with my entire family celebrating Jesus and life.

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