Yes I Can Find Love

How to find love after injury or a diagnosis is a question that many people have on the fore front of their minds.  The dating scene is never an easy place to enter.  Some of the changes you can experience post injury or diagnosis can create insecurities, making the idea even more intimidating.  A big part of getting back on the dating scene after so much change is learning how to be confident in yourself again.

That is where our Bardcare team comes into play. We will share tips, encouragement, and our own stories of love and acceptance that will hopefully assist you on your own journey finding love.  Here are some tips from some of our team members. 

Mike says:

  1. Be up front and honest about your injury. Your life partner needs to know and understand the real you.
  2. Be prepared to work. Life and love require cultivating. Romance and newness can fuel a flame in the beginning but wear off when life gets real. You have to work (hard at times) to keep the fire burning especially if your spouse helps a lot with caregiving.
  3. A real relationship is made of three things; you, your spouse, and God. There are days that true love will bend and require prayer not to break.

Jeremy says:

  1. Be open and honest about your body and things that occur after Spinal Cord Injury. This should be shared at an appropriate time, definitely not on the first date but if it continues forward, gently inform them of what we encounter daily.
  2. Don't change who you are just to be with someone! I dated a lot of women after my accident and most didn't get scared off. Got to the point where I was ready to settle down and get married. I prayed and asked God to show me in His time who He wanted me to marry. A few months later I met my wife.
  3. I truly believe that no relationship can last without God. God has to be the head of the house hold and everything else will take care of it self. Know your relationship won't be peaches and cream all the time, but it sets the foundation of unconditional love!

Leslie says:
  1. Don't settle just because you are in a wheelchair. True love is worth waiting for.
  2. Find the person that loves you "just as you are". You should never change yourself to "fit" someone's expectations. This will only lead to a broken relationship.
  3. YOU BRING VALUE! Just because you are in a wheelchair does not diminish the wealth of strength, knowledge, and value you bring to a relationship. Often times our perspective on life adds a deeper meaning and stronger bond to love.

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