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Leslie probably has more reason than most people to feel sorry for herself. But she doesn’t. She feels immensely blessed!

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My life was spared that dark morning. My life could have easily slipped away because of my choices. But I survived. Why? Perhaps, so I could share and prevent others from drinking and driving.

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I feel like I have lived two lifetimes, the “before” and the “after” life. In my “before” life, I was an active duty Marine, a law enforcement officer, and a multi-sport athlete. I spent twenty-three years pursuing opportunities of various kinds and most of them were very physical in nature.

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They call him “Questo,” for his sometimes annoying habit of asking lots and lots of questions.

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On August 4, 2017, Edgar Lopez's life changed forever when he was shot in the back during an attempt to steal his motorcycle in Guatemala.

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Natalie , at the age of 24, became a quadriplegic.  Natalie’s dream has been to start a foundation in her community to not only encourage and advocate for people but also help them get money the expensive specialized medical care they may need.

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I would like to take you along on this journey; raising multiples with Multiple Sclerosis. Life with twin teenage boys, homework times two, mixed with a good measure of ADD, and garnished with MS fatigue, is the perfect recipe for one tired nonetheless very blessed Mama.

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Jenny is a true competitor.  Intense competition is a part of her roots and her will to emerge a winner is simply part of who she is.  

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Adversity is just part of life. What sets people apart is not the hardship endured, but the response and manner they have chosen to manage emotions about it. And for Josh Smith, that is exactly the choice he made when faced with a life changing event.

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Today, Grandin is always busy. Engaged in music or motors, he never quits; never gives up.

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Between miles of rolling golden wheat fields and rocky sagebrush filled pastures, you will find a unique man to the world of spinal cord injuries, Doug Nachtigal.  A horse and cattle ranch, named Rocklyn Paints & Piedmontese Cattle, is where he and his family can be found, in Davenport, Washington

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Amanda and Chance

My son Chance was diagnosed with spina bifida in the fall of 2010. At the time I knew very little about the birth defect. I was seventeen weeks pregnant when we learned of his diagnosis.

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Amanda and Maddie

Maddie is radiant, she not only smiles but she emanates affection from her soul.  Born with Spina Bifida

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Our lives did a 180 degree turn in August 2014. In an instant life changed for all of us. As Josh's mom, I wished I could have changed places with him, but I couldn’t. It amazes me to think how much Josh has accomplished and how far he has come since the onset of his injury.

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My name is Maria. I am 37 years old, and I am from Hazlehurst, Georgia. I

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David Wagner

Ranked #1 Quad Tennis player in the world, David Wagner has a remarkably mature perspective on taking on challenges.

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