Vistiéndome como un Parapléjico. <br />Getting Dressed as a Complete Paraplegic
Vistiéndome como un Parapléjico.
Getting Dressed as a Complete Paraplegic
Hoy voy a compartir con ustedes la manera en que yo me visto. Al principio va a costar, pero con el tiempo esto va a ser tan normal en nuestra vida que ya no se nos va a dificultar nada al momento de vestirnos.; Today I’m going to share with you how I get dressed. At first, it is going to be a bit difficult, but with time, it’s going to be so normal in our lives that getting dressed won’t be difficult at all.  Read More...

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Our lives did a 180 degree turn in August 2014. In an instant life changed for all of us. As Josh's mom, I wished I could have changed places with him, but I couldn’t. It amazes me to think how much Josh has accomplished and how far he has come since the onset of his injury.
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Leslie probably has more reason than most people to feel sorry for herself. But she doesn’t. She feels immensely blessed!

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My life was spared that dark morning. My life could have easily slipped away because of my choices. But I survived. Why? Perhaps, so I could share and prevent others from drinking and driving.
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