Technology and Apps for Quadriplegics
Technology and Apps for Quadriplegics
Technology provides the user with both enhanced freedom and reduced dependency on relatives and personal assistants. Despite efforts to be as active and independent as possible, quadriplegics are limited. Routine tasks can become difficult, such as answering the door when someone rings the doorbell or adjusting the thermostat. There is technology that helps with these tasks as well. The internet offers a great starting place to research devices that can boost independence.  Read More...

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Adversity is just part of life. What sets people apart is not the hardship endured, but the response and manner they have chosen to manage emotions about it. And for Josh Smith, that is exactly the choice he made when faced with a life changing event.

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They call him “Questo,” for his sometimes annoying habit of asking lots and lots of questions.

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Leslie Ostrander probably has more reason than most people to feel sorry for herself. But she doesn’t. She feels immensely blessed!

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