Laughter is the Best Medicine

After a spinal cord injury, it is fairly easy for one to focus on the negative parts of this injury. The loss of ability is something that is visible and tangible. But how often do others see the positive things of living life from a wheelchair?  

Josh has a clever way of pointing out some of the ‘not so obvious’ perks.  Here are some of his thoughts.

CON: Not being able to stand and be recognized for something. I guess I’ll raise my hand instead. 

PRO: No one can get me with a whoopee cushion 

PRO: I can still wear pants if they get a hole in the back of them. No one will ever know. 

PRO: I don’t have to worry about someone pulling “Move your feet, lose your seat” on me. 

CON: Never being able to play hopscotch but I’m really good at musical chairs. 

CON: Having to apologize to every hostess for not waiting to be seated. 

PRO: I don’t need to invest in a full body mirror. A regular mirror mounted lower works perfectly. 

CON: Your lap seems to catch every crumb there is when you’re eating. More so than an able body person sitting down. 

PRO: I can’t feel hot/cold temperature from about my chest down. So I don’t have to worry if someone uses all the hot water before I shower. 

CON: Time. Everything takes more time when you’re in a chair. Except for traveling downhill. 

PRO: Whatever I do, I’m always on a roll. 

PRO: I don’t have to decide if someone deserves a standing ovation. Makes life way easier. 

CON: Your hands are always dirty. 

PRO: Shoes last a long time. 

PRO/CON: I can’t sweat so I can work out in my Sunday’s finest and then go out on the town, no shower necessary. The negative part, I can overheat really quick.  

PRO: Kids love riding in your lap...although this can quickly become a CON. 

CON: Rolling through dog poop or gum is way worse than stepping in it. 

PRO: I can’t slip and fall on wet floors. 

PRO: No one asks me to help them move. Although I would make a great dolly! 

PRO: Half off gym memberships since I only workout half of my body. 

PRO: I don't have to rent bowling shoes. 

CON: Where ever I go, I always feel like a third wheel (Think about it). 

PRO: Wheelchairs make great cat beds.  

Searching for positive effects (PRO’s) of any difficulty can provide a source of inner peace.  Josh’s response to his situation, clearly demonstrates his ability to accept his new normal. 

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