Always Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas in Georgia: What is it like? Well, let’s just say I recently found out that I’ve been singing an old familiar song incorrectly. “Later on, we’ll perspire. As we dream by the fire.”  

Pardon my mistake. I am, after all, from the South.  

It’s not uncommon to be wearing summer clothes on Christmas Day. I have a vivid memory of wearing shorts while riding my new “Molly Lou bicycle in the 1970s. Sitting by a fire where I come from may or may not cause you to perspire rather than conspire.  

Early in our marriage, my husband and I lived in an apartment that had a fireplace. We were so excited! I remember the first Christmas was too hot for a fire so we just turned on the air conditioner, refusing to be outdone by the warmer temperatures.  

Truth is, I am perpetually dreaming of a White Christmas.  

But we are not exactly prepared for snow here in Columbus, Georgia. One year on Christmas day we had a touch of snow (flurries) and the town practically shut down.  

I reached out to my family this year about the holidays and told them to feel free to wear their cute sweaters and winter attire for photos. I promised the air conditioning would reflect the season, even if the true weather conditions did not. As a reminder I added, “Please bring your bathing suits for the annual Slip ‘n Slide® races. 

I’m only partially joking. 

Truthfully, I love Christmases in Georgia. It is all I have ever known and what my memories are made of. Santa may perspire as he is adorned in his thick, red velvet clothes. And snow may not fall from the heavens often. The spirit of Christmas, though, is alive and well.  

As for the song lyrics, I think I will leave them the way I first heard them. 

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” (W.T. Ellis)


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