Wrapping Presents (A Video)

It’s two days before Christmas, which means it’s time to wrap presents. I’ve made this an annual tradition, not because wrapping Christmas presents is a major life skill, but because it reminds me of the gift that I was given by Dr. Shaw. In 1998, I had a series of surgeries called tendon transfers. The four surgeries gave me a pinch in each thumb, the ability to grasp with my left hand and a tricep on my right arm.

The Christmas following the surgeries, I decided to test out my new dexterity. I grabbed some wrapping paper, tape, a knife, and the presents I had purchased for my family. Sitting at the kitchen table, I figured out how to slice the paper with a knife by folding the paper in half. Using a little extra tape, I managed to slowly wrap each present until I had a small pile of Christmas gifts for my family.

So there is the first present. As you can tell, you can’t see all the ripped paper and tape covers a multitude of sins.

Let’s try the Nimble®. I am going to put it on my finger – let’s see how this goes. Well not very well. I gave up on using the Nimble®. It seems that you need to use a little bit more pressure, to be able to push down to score the paper, than I am able to do. I just found that the knife worked better for me.

It doesn’t help when the tape sticks to your hands.

Using a little extra tape really helps when wrapping Christmas presents. As you can see, I am just putting a little bit on the box itself so I can give it a good pull when I am actually folding over this piece of paper on to the other side.

Here I am about an hour and a half later with a pile of Christmas presents that are wrapped. I’ll be able to give these to my family Christmas morning and just know that I did with love and with the abilities that I have been given.

Hope that you have a Merry Christmas!


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