Working Out with Weights

This week at BARD Care, we are talking about working out. If I have the option, I prefer to work out at home after a long day at work.

I’ve worked eight hours, I’ve come home, I’ve cooked dinner, I’ve picked up the kitchen. Now I am really just ready to relax a little bit and turn on some TV. One of my rules is that if the TV comes on, my weights come out. This is just a good way for me to make sure that I am getting some activity in while I’m also relaxing.

That may sound a little antithetical, but for me working out really loosens up my back. I sit at a computer all day long, so I get tight; lifting weights really does loosen me up a little bit.

Alright, Netflix is playing and I get to watch a little Oliver Queen. And now I am going to work out. I have some three pound hand weights and I am just going to sit here and watch some TV and lift weights.

Who doesn’t like the view of Oliver Queen when you are working out?

I have had my evening workout – it’s not much. It was just about twenty or thirty minutes of lifting weights. I’ll do the repetitions four to five times, depending on how I feel. I will also get out the five pound weights and use those. It gets my blood pumping, gets my heart rate up a little bit, and it definitely relaxes my muscles.

So I hope this provides some good tips and we will also be looking at some things I do at home throughout the week.

Four helpful tips to working out with weights:

  • Not all hand weights are created equal. Try different brands out. Find what works for you.
  • Invest in hand straps if you have limited hand dexterity.
  • Determine your set of reps. This will grow over time as you become stronger.
  • Start slow and build as your body allows.


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