A Wheelchair Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time of year. Having a seven-year-old girl makes it even better. Being in a power wheelchair does not even cut into any of the fun for us (it may be more challenging but that’s life). There are advantages and disadvantages of being in a wheelchair during this spooky holiday. Depending on where you live in the country there will be different options as where to go on Halloween night. I would have to say our biggest dilemma each year is trying to figure out where to go trick-or-treating. It’s not because of the lack of places to go: it is because there are so many choices nowadays.

Of course, your town, or city, will designate a night for the kids to go from home to home in the neighborhoods. We have done this and pulled it off with success. It is a little bit more stressful for me because of the obvious access issues. I have to let my daughter go up to the door by herself or with a few other kids. When she was five and six years old that would be the most terrifying part of her night (even more so than the older kids trying to scare her). Having to go to the door of the home and say trick-or-treat by herself, while having me watch her from the sidewalk, is difficult. Every child will respond differently to this. Almost all the homes here have porches and steps. There is usually a friendly mother or father nearby that help us out. There are advantages of being in a power wheelchair when trick-or-treating. There’s nothing better or more fun for my daughter, than riding on my lap or standing on my pedals and leaning against me while I drive her around. The chair also is good for helping to carry things. There are usually all kinds of bags, and who knows what, attached to the back of my chair by the end of the night. As much as I love trick-or-treating with her in this fashion, because this is how I did it when I was a child, we have found an easier way.

Almost every town now has churches, community centers and schools that do some type of “trunk or treat” event. This is where you spend two hours at a designated location and the kids go trick-or-treating around the parking lot. The cars are decorated and owners are handing out candy. This makes for a safer environment and definitely not as much ground to cover. There are so many of these in our area, picking the place to go can be a challenge. I think we have gotten dressed up and gone to some kind of event between two and three nights in the past few years. You can only imagine how much candy we have. It usually lasts until the summer time when we finally throw out what’s left.

I know the things in each area of the country are slightly different but I’m here to tell you that Halloween is still an absolute blast. From my experience, finding somewhere that offers the “trunk or treat” type of event does make for a less stressful Halloween. So get dressed up and go have some fun!


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