Mother of Boys # Out Numbered

I am confident that these boys were chosen especially for me, and I for them. And there is a wild, reckless and surprising grace in honoring my role. Life is certainly more adventurous with them! I am in the midst of raising teenage boys (16 & 13) and here are five things I have learned from raising boys.

1. There will be an endless amount of dirt!

I have discovered that mud is a true badge of honor.

2. Adventures are a daily activity.

It’s never dull in a home where you are the only female #OutNumbered. But I’m not complaining. My life has been expanded by the adventures that my boys seem to find every day.

3. Regardless of their age some things will always remain the same.

The peaceful joy of watching them sleep? Still the same. The leaping of my heart when they walk into the room? Always. The maternal joy from their boyish, bearish hugs? Cherished. They will always be my little boys even at 5’4 (and growing).

4. Life is better when we develop deep passions.

My children are like the best ever written novels! Seriously. Instead of ‘molding’ them I have tried to ‘read’ them. They both are polar opposites, and within each boy, I have discovered their uniqueness. I try to gently guide them on how to use those God given strengths. Dylan, my care free animal lover, cultivates his gift by caring for a herd of nine horses and learning the discipline of dressage. He aspires to be a large animal veterinary. Clay, my focused philosopher, nurtures his talent through archery. He is at peace when he is on the water and desires to study Marine Biology. 

5. Cherish every minute.

The most valuable lesson I have learned from my boys is to treasure every day. Motherhood has made me appreciate life as it happens. Yes, it can be very challenging to raise boys (add a wheelchair to the mix and then it becomes like a circus). I know from experience life can change instantly and unexpectedly . Make every sunrise and sunset count!

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you Aaron for making me a mother. Thank you Dylan and Clay for making my greatest purpose in life to love you. It is my greatest honor.


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