Mother’s Day Surprise – A Few Tips for Grilling

If you would like to cook your mom a nice Mother’s Day meal, I am going to show you a few tips on how to use a grill. I first turn on the propane tank, hit the ignite button and turn the gas on. And now when, it’s hot, you have to be careful with the lid in opening it up. So, I try to get as close as possible to the lid and push it open. When you are working around the grill, you need to be careful of all the hot surfaces.

And I am using an adapted spatula that I took PVC and duct tape so that I can put my thumb through there and be able to pick up the meat. So I put the meat on to my spatula and throw it on the grill. Make sure it’s on there evenly.

Now, whenever I reach over the grill surface, I try to make sure that my thumb is pointed down – because I have more feeling in my thumb than in my pinkie.

And again, I try to get as close as possible to the grill.

Now when closing the lid, I hook my arm around my chair. That way I don’t fall into the grill. And I get as close as possible.

Now if you can’t reach the lid yourself – you can either get a reacher or put something on the handle to be able to reach it.

After a while, we’ll come back and see how the meats doing.

Now, when you are ready to take your meat out, just go ahead and get to the grill. Again, be careful if the lid is too hot. You can also turn the grill off and wait for it to cool down a little bit. Go ahead and open the grill – you can either grab of your arm rest to prevent falling – Get as close as possible to the grill. And I take my thumb through the PVC pipe. And be careful not to drop the meat.

And again, to close the lid if it is still hot – you hook your arm behind the chair. Then you reach for the handle. And then you can go enjoy.

My last tip – don’t forget to do the dishes.


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