Signs of Being the Mommy of a Child in a Wheelchair

With Mother’s Day approaching, it makes you stop and think of what it means to be a mom. For me, that answer is comprised of about ninety percent mushy stuff, and ten percent things that will keep you laughing for days. Finding humor in everyday life can be super important for us Mommas, especially when our little munchkins may have extra needs. With that being said, I decided to come up with a list of signs that you may be the Mommy of a child in a wheelchair.

1. Resilient toes

The front casters of your kiddos chair can be your worst enemy! I have lost count of how many times my toes have been run over. It is funny to see your friend’s jaw drop when your toes get ran over, and you don’t even flinch. Chalk it up to strength after repeat injury.

2. The bowel movement journal in my purse 

Before becoming a parent, I never dreamed I would ever celebrate regular bowel movements with as much gusto as I do now! Due to our little ones spina bifida and the bowel issues that accompany it, we have to keep a journal for our doctor about our trips to the potty.

3. My brand new dinged up stainless steel fridge 

I love to get help in the kitchen from my daughter. She is so proud that she can open and shut the fridge by herself, and is quick to help grab ingredients I need. Her foot-plate however, “loves our fridge” a little too much!

4. Having to get off a phone call because your little one is whining that they followed after you and now their pants are around their ankles. 

I read a blog from another mom whose son has spina bifida as well and she talked about how cute her little one was in his suspenders. She put them on him while he was crawling to keep his pants up. Maddie is the best little army crawler I know, and since we don’t own any suspenders, a large part of my day is spent pulling her britches back up after a scoot from her room!

5. Your inner Momma Bear feels like she has been given steroids. 

Every Mommy knows those defensive feelings that we have when protecting our cubs. I think sometimes the mother of a child with special needs has to exercise her inner momma bear so much that we get extra tough! I will definitely fight for my Maddie’s happiness and I pity the person I’m up against!

6. Your heart is full of so much joy. 

All joking aside, I couldn’t be more blessed to be Maddie’s Mommy. It is a title I am so grateful to hold. She has taught me the true meaning of love and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow Momma Bears out there!


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