Drop By Drop

There’s an Afghan proverb that says, "Qatra, qatra darya mesha". “Drop by drop, a river is made.” I can’t change the world, but I can make a difference in the areas of influence that I have.

Two years ago, I found out that just 15 minutes from my house there was an apartment complex now housing resettled refugees. On Sunday evenings, I began going to English in the Park, a very informal time of English lessons and getting to know some of the refugees new to the area.

Meeting these Iraqi and Syrian refugees puts a name and face with stories that I hear on the news.
  • Samira, in broken English, told me of her mother’s murder and dismembered body.
  • Hasna, an engineer, and her husband live very modestly while her husband works at detailing cars.
  • Halah is reading beginning level English, despite the fact that she is illiterate in Arabic. Over twenty years ago, she had to drop out of school in third grade to take care of her sick mother.

Some of our conversations are accompanied with many gestures (not very helpful when you’re a quad).Other times we ask the more advanced English speakers to serve as interpreters. And we definitely can’t live without Google Translate!

The interesting thing about giving your time and talents is that you receive more that you ever give. I am blessed to get to know these women and their children, as well as their stories. And maybe, drop by drop, I can change someone’s world in a small way.

What can you do to make a difference in someone’s world?

Don’t use your disability as an excuse to not 
get involved. You have talents and abilities that can change someone’s world.


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