Surviving the Splash Pad

”Come to the splash pad” they said. ”It will be fun” they said. The first time we got an invite to the new, man-made, concrete geyser in town, I cringed. All I saw was obstacles, and I surely didn’t intend on letting Maddie’s $3200 wheelchair (that took us 8 months to get) end up getting soaked. After a short but unavoidable mommy pity party, I regrouped and set out to come up with my game plan for surviving the splash pad.

With playing on the ground not an option due to the rough concrete, and getting her daily chair with its cushion and metal super wet a horrible idea, that left me in need of a new set of wheels. Since buying a beach chair involves highway robbery, I set out for the next best thing. I searched EBay and found a brand new chair with a removable, water resistant pad and bicycle tires for around $130! Now Maddie would have the freedom to be a kid and navigate around the splash pad all by herself! It also doubles as a chair to use around the house when she wants a change of seating, which it turns out she greatly appreciates. Another cheaper option is our ever present friend the collapsible wagon, but this eliminates the freedom of Maddie wheeling herself. I also came across some plans for a pool wheelchair made of mesh and PVC pipe, but being born deficient of the handy gene, I decided to save this for a time when I felt like losing my mind for a few weeks.


With our new chair in tow, we headed off to face the now less ominous, concrete water playground. The result was a day full of fun and freedom that I didn’t think was possible a few days prior. Slather on the sunscreen and enjoy the day!


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